Thursday, March 13, 2014

This Weeks Nails: A Simple Step

No matter what your taste is in nail polish, you should at least be applying a nail strengthener.

I know that a different hue every week may not be your thing, but having a little bit of sheen to your nails in the form of OPI's nail strengthener will do you a world of good.

All you have to do is paint a quick coat over each nail. By the time you're done with the last finger the first one should be dry. That's how easy it is. You don't even have to do this everyday, just once a week and it will really help your nails look/feel/be strong. 
best nail strengthener

No more peeling or chipping. Just strong pretty nails that I hope to maybe one day convince you to file down and add color to...but to each his own!

You may have heard me say this before, but it truly is amazing how confident well manicured nails can make you feel. So take one small $8 step and get this strengthener. Then write me the moment you look down at your gleaming nails and think to yourself, "Elizabeth was right, it really does feel good!"

I'm talking the moment you think that, you write me and tell me.

I plan to have a full inbox ;)

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