Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Funny Thing That Happened to My Skirt

A-line, twirly skirts are so fun to wear.

Another metallic twirly skirt
Again with the twirling! ;)
They're very flattering if you're trying to disguise hips, and make your waste look teeny tiny.

They're also super comfortable and add a dash of playfulness to your winter wardrobe.

But they've got one huge and potentially mortifying problem...

Metallic skirt and boots

Because they stick out (and because I often wear them with tights) you can't exactly feel that they're covering your bum as you walk (unless you reach back there and check).

A couple weeks ago I wore one of my favorites to work (I snagged this one at Garage in West Town Mall for $5!). That morning after visiting the ladies room at work, I just happened to turn in front of the full sized mirror and see (before walking out the door) that my skirt had gotten caught in itself in the back, revealing my underwear.

I was so relieved that I had caught this mistake before walking out the door. How embarrassing that would be!

Cut to my bathroom visit right before lunch...this time I wasn't so lucky.

Why I decided to boldly go forth into the office foyer without checking my behind, I will never know.

But there I went, walking out shoulders high in ignorance, when a man from the offices next to ours stopped me and said, "Uh, Elizabeth..." and points to my revealing mistake. Ah! I scrambled to fix it, relieved to find it wasn't stuck too high (which meant my choice in underwear that day still remained a mystery). But oh gosh! What a moment!

Thankfully he's a super nice guy, and was chill about it as I joked with him later.

I will never forget this lesson, and vow to keep my bum in check when wearing a twirly skirt, so that random people don't have to do it for me!

Metallic skirt
He's my little skirt checker!

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