Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Product Review: Dove Hairspray

Here is a review of Dove hair spray from a recent hair spray convert...

I've always had that back up can of hair spray in my cabinet, but it wasn't until last year that I left my house with the intention of buying hair spray.

I've tried several brands (Not Your Mother's is a good one) along with a few that came in my Birchbox. But you never know how much you've become dependent on something until you run out of it.

Two weeks ago I found that I had run out of hair spray. Even the backup can that's probably lived in my cabinet for most of my married life was empty.

My hair style the day I needed it (of course) called for hair spray, so I made a quick dash down to Kroger where I just leaned on the brand I know and trust...Dove.

So I wanted to share my thoughts about the stuff with you, because I know in those moments when you're standing and staring blankly in front of a wall of products, it's so hard to know which one will work. It's a roll of the dice, really, and I'd like to take a little pressure off the moment and tell you what I think of Dove's version...

First off, it has a great smell. I've used hair sprays before that smell like an old lady's funeral home, so I was very happy/relieved as I sat in my car and covered my hair with the stuff, that I'd come out smelling good.

There's something for the pro column.

It also seems to hold well. My style didn't wilt and even held pretty well for the next day, which is really the number one job of hair spray, so Bravo!

A couple of con's...

I didn't like how the spray came out. It ends up being more of a direct shot than an all over aerosol spray (which I now realize is my favorite), so you really have to make sure you're holding it far enough away to not blast just one spot.

It also does leave behind a bit of a crunch. Eww...yeah that sticky stiff thing happened in some spots, but it was probably because i held it too close to my head. So beware.

Other than that, it performed pretty well. So if you're ever like me and find yourself in a hair spray emergency, Dove wouldn't be a bad choice.

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