Monday, March 10, 2014

Cut Your Blow Drying Time in Half

I'm serious when I say, I've never seen anything like this brush.

Every time I use it I stare at it - hard - to see just what's going on inside there. But all I see are regular brush bristles. I'm betting on the fact that there are little hair elves that come out when you use it, then suck themselves back into the core of the brush before you can see them.

That's the only logical explanation I can come up with.

Regardless of how it does it, it works wonders (wonders I say!) on my hair. I have coarse hair, even when it's been through the flat iron it's not silky. It just sits there in coarse chunks (eww, that's gross).

If I pile on the products and flat iron each and every section at a very high heat, I could probably get it to do the same thing this brush does. But why do all of that when I can simply run this brush through my hair while blow drying? Seriously, it's smoother than after I use a straightener and saves my hair from all that heat damage!

The even greater thing about it is I can twirl the brush while drying (with other brushes a "twirl" consists of turning off the dryer, setting it down, moving the brush, picking the dryer up, turning it on again...and repeat).

Here's a before and after picture for proof...

best hair brush for thick hair

straightening brush
During (with a blow dryer)

cut hair drying time in half
After! (Cheesy grin)

best hair brush
Smoother than after I straighten it!
You can buy it at Ulta (here).

If you have a hard time getting the right kind of blow-out, or if you have to straighten your hair after blow drying - this brush is for you.

If you find that after blow drying, you have little fly away hairs that stick up - this brush is for you.

If you've always secretly craved shiny flat super model hair - this brush is for you.

It's probably not for you if your hair is super fine. But you probably only spend 3 minutes under the hair dryer so you can go ahead and parade THAT around town.

(This is not a paid advertisement, but if the makers of "Marilyn Flatter Me Too" brush would like to send me a check, I'd be ok with that).

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