Monday, January 6, 2014

Easy Goals to Spiff You up in 2014

As a joke I will sometimes refer to myself as "Past Elizabeth" or "Future Elizabeth."

It's often in the context of what she will love. For example, "Future Elizabeth will love the fact that I'm labeling these boxes so she doesn't have to go through them."

And you know, I'm always right about what Future Elizabeth will love.

What about Future You? What will she love you for this year?

I have three goals for Future Elizabeth. Two of which are sensible, and one is just plain fun...

1. Learn new eye shadow techniques.

For Christmas I received Sephora's Makeup Academy Palette. This comes with more eye shadow than Nicky Minaj would know what to do with. But I plan on adding new techniques to my repertoire so that I can use each color wisely.  Then I want to share those techniques with all of you! (Video blogging is also on my list for Future Elizabeth-FYI).

2. Purge my house of crap I'm not using.

Yes, I understand that is a lofty goal. But here's how I plan to do it...
First I'm going to make a list of all the nooks and crannies that need cleaning. Then I'm going to organize that list from small to large. One drawer, for example, won't take as long to clean out as say a whole closet. Then I will bite off pieces of that list as I have time. In one hour I can easily clean out said drawer. If I have most of the day free then I'll shoot for the laundry room. The more I get done, the more I'll want to keep whittling down the list, the more happy Future Elizabeth will be.

You can apply that same principle to your closet! Or your bathroom!

3. Rock a tutu. For real.

I realize the absurdity of this goal, but that's kind of what makes it fun. I've always wanted to wear one. When I was little I loved wearing skirts that twirled, and I never exactly grew out of it. And I've always wanted to wear a tutu. The fun part will be styling it so that it doesn't look costume-y (or weird) and picking just the right event to wear it to (*sly grin). Thankfully, places like Forever21 are going to make it easy...

Close Enough ;)
I say every year how it's good to have goals for your looks. What are yours going to be this year? What will future you be so thankful that you did?

Come back tomorrow as I share how to tackle cleaning out your jewelry box. And watch me live on FOX for how to clean out your makeup bag! We're going to kick off 2014 fresh and clean!

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