Friday, January 3, 2014

How to Incorporate the Color of the Year

Radiant Orchid, this is your year.

At least it is according to the people over at Pantone.
pantone color of the year

Typically when I hear a trend announced like this, it makes me want to run the other direction. Especially when it's a color I'm not fond of (emerald green for 2013? No thank you).

But a purple - of any shade - is something I can totally get behind.

This orchid color is especially gorgeous and even if Pantone named it the color to stay away from, I'd be looking to put it on everything.

The beautiful thing about this color (besides it being so rich and berry like that your mouth waters...or maybe that's just me) is that it can go with so much.

pantone color of the year in nail polish
Pump up your black, navy, gray and creams with a pop of Radiant Orchid. Or let it stand on it's own two feet and wear it alone. It can handle itself, don't you worry about that. There may be shades of pink in there, but the purple hue it was birthed from taught it how to survive on the streets.
pantone color of the year purse

Oh and unlike last years color, this one can be incorporated EVERYWHERE. Paint your nails with it for a perfectly playful shade (this one pictured from OPI is a good place holder till they come up with something more current. It's "Suzi and the 7 Dusseldorf").

Grab a hand bag in a darker version of the shade like this one by Brahmin (yes please) sold at Dillard's.

Or simply add a scarf/tank/heel in the hue to any ensemble that needs a little intoxicating punch.
Like I said, normally I don't jump all over the trend train like this, but this color is just too gorgeous to pass up.

Will you wear it at all?

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  1. It almost looks pink-ish in the Pantone photo, but I ADORE the nail polish shade you have. Purple is definitely one of my favorites. :-)