Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Product That Changed my Hands & This Blog

Every time I write a blog, I do it with the sole purpose of writing something helpful. Something that I would want to read.

So after I lit my candle, brewed fresh coffee, finished my yogurt and got my fake fire started on the TV, my first thought for today's blog was, "what is a current need?"

Tuesdays are typically when I like to review a product. But as I went through the product rolodex in my brain, I concluded I had written about a lot of them already.

The only need I could think of was dry hands. But I just wrote about that problem here.

Looking at my hands and realizing I wouldn't be typing for a couple minutes, I opened up this little black jar I had sat on my dining room table. It's glycerine hand therapy called, "Midnight Monarch."
camille beckman

As I peeled back the round white foil protector I thought about how much I love trying new beauty products. It's such a hopeful moment when you open something for the first time.

I first noticed the lotion had a rich sheen to it. Instantly in motion were plans to keep it in my purse for moments when I wanted to freshen up, because the pleasant, slightly floral scent was amazing (my constant goal in life is to trigger compliments on how good I smell).

Next thing I loved was its texture. It's not greasy or lightweight. It's a perfect blend of vanishing nourishment. Like the cool kid at parties who knows how to make a great impression then leave at just the right moment so as to not over stay their welcome.

After applying I didn't have to wait to type on my laptop without leaving grease stains. The only evidence showing I used the stuff was the fact that my hands (now ten minutes later) are shiny and soft (x100).

The lotion is by Camille Beckman. It came in my Birchbox, triggered this blog seconds after being used, and will certainly stay in my collection. I'll just have to make special trips to Powell Florist or the UT Hospital gift shop as they're the only places in town that carry it (oddly enough).

You can order it online (they are super reasonably priced), and when you do read a review or two. I'm not the only one who's raving about it. I read reviews all the time, but never in my life have I seen a whole collection of gushing reviews like I did on her site.

Try this, and you'll quickly see what the love fest is all about.

Merry Christmas!

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