Monday, December 16, 2013

One of my Favorite Things

Christmas is in full swing!
The kids are jingle belling and everyone's telling you be of good cheer...or would you believe they're at least telling you to have a good day? How about saying excuse me when they bump past you?

Over the weekend I got together with friends and did a gift exchange. One of the presents I received was a scarf. I love getting/giving scarves because I think they're one of the most perfect presents.

They're perfect to give because you don't have to know someone's size or even their exact taste. Even if you go for one that may be a little wild, it could always break them out of their comfort zone and get them to try new things.

In recent years scarves have been upgraded to accessory status, but remember that time we wore them for warmth? ;) Even if the receiver doesn't wear scarves as a fashion statement, she could still use it to keep warm!

Forever21 is a great place to get deals, and TJ Maxx also has good ones for cheaper prices.

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I hope your Christmas season is going well! 
Merry Christmas to you!!

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