Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Goodies

It's Christmas Eve!

Time to start letting go of the to-do list and just let the holiday fun wash over you.

It's been such a fun Christmas season, and an awesome year overall! I've really enjoyed getting to bring you gift ideas throughout this month. Here are the details to what I talked about on the show this morning.

These are great last minute gifts, or good things to keep in mind when you're roaming the stores with your gift cards...

1. Old Navy
Had you shown me this jewelry but not told me where it's from, I never would have guessed Old Navy. They've really done an amazing job with their new jewelry section and it's totally worth checking out! Prices range from $6-$12 and you can't get it online, so get yourself into that store!

2. Aerie
I happened into this place in the mall one day and was really surprised to see all the great lounge clothes they have. Apparently they're not just an underwear store for tweens anymore (if they were ever). Stop on by and pick up some cute leggings or a cozy sweater!

3. Clinique
I'm going back to my roots and getting re-acquainted with this brand. Their mascara, foundation and face scrub are some of my favorite products right now. I can't help but love the fact that their products are made with good-for-you ingredients and that everything's priced affordably. I'll keep going back for more!

4. Crabtree & Evelyn
I'm still in the honeymoon stage of my relationship with Crabtree & Evelyn and I don't see it ending any time soon. Their nail polish remover wipes are truly a delight to use, their nail polish has gotten me to cheat on OPI, and their cuticle pen is a purse must-have. Let's not forget their hand sanitizer. Its fresh scent and moisturizing feel will have you looking for dirty places you can stick your hands into, just so you can use it (ok maaayybeee not, but still it's great).

5. Lotions by Camille Beckman
I predict this girls line of lotions is about to hit it big. Real big. I don't see how this gem of a product has stayed quiet because truly it's one of the most luxurious things I've ever slathered on my hands (trust me, I slather on all kinds of luxuriousness). Get on her website and order some Glycerine Hand Therapy to experience the amazingness for yourself. At least get on there and see if it's sold in a store near you.

I hope this blog (and the numerous other I've posted) has helped your gift giving this year!

Enjoy the evening and a very {heartfelt} Merry Christmas to you!

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