Monday, December 23, 2013

3 Things Not to say When Opening Gifts

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!

Every year I like to do a post about the art of gracefully opening presents. Because opening things you don't like without letting the gift giver know, is an art.. And it's part of being spiffy!

After all, you can be sitting there in the cutest outfit Chanel herself ever laid eyes on, but if you're gritting your teeth and asking for a return receipt, it takes away from your image.

I also understand that sometimes it's difficult to know what to say when you open something you don't like and/or wouldn't wear to pick up poop in.

So I've put together some great responses for you to tap into this Christmas, just in case you find yourself opening another ugly Christmas fruit-cake sweater.

Picture that Christmas fruit-cake sweater sitting there inside a box surrounded by the wrapping you just tore into...

"This is very creative! Thank you for your thoughtfulness!"
It's always good to thank the gift giver. Don't say you love it if you don't, that's a lie (and may get you Christmas fruit-cake sweater round 2 next year). And truly, getting fruit cake to stick to a sweater is creative, so that adjective isn't a lie.

"Where did you get this?! It's so different!"
By asking where it's from with a happy tone of voice, you're secretly planning your route to returning it, and again "different" is a positive (and truthful) adjective. Keep those coming!

"What in God's name were you thinking?!...Getting me something so wonderful."
Clearly, you're lying. A fruit cake sweater isn't wonderful. It's a mold-trap. Avoid this response.

"This will go perfectly with my ____. "
By listing something you can immediately think to wear the item with, shows you can use the gift. But be careful with this response. It's best for things you truly like, but can also serve to not hurt the gift givers feelings if it's something you don't. Again, you want to avoid getting an ugly Christmas Cookie sweater (that would be round 2).

"Did you get this on clearance?"
In other words...this piece of crap isn't worth the money you spent. Don't use this, go with something more like...

"This must have cost you a fortune! You shouldn't have spent so much!"
It's not necessarily a compliment, just a statement. And could convey the message, next time get me something less expensive...aka: not this.

"Oh this isn't what I asked for."
Obviously, this cuts right to the heart of things. And while it may be the truth, it robs the gift giver of the opening moment - the joy they were really hoping to see on your face when you saw what they worked so hard to get you. Instead you could say...

"Nice! It's not what I expected, but thank you for getting it!"
After things have died down, maybe you could politely ask for a gift receipt. Or simply figure out where they got it without even mentioning it to them.

Remember, this season is all about giving to others. And not being selfish with our first response, we give the gift of love to those who worked so hard to buy us things!

Let's have the Merry-iest Christmas ever!

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