Tuesday, December 31, 2013


What an amazing year 2013 has been.

This year I celebrated 4 years of blogging on The Spiff, a year of being a regular guest on WBIR, 5 years of marriage, and 30 years on this earth.

One of my faovrite things about 2013 was getting the position of Style Setter for West Town Mall. I've just loved the opportunity to blog for them and help people discover new stores and great products.

Speaking of new stores, one of my favorite additions to the mall (and my life) has been Cheesecake Factory! It started off as a rumor, but now when I pass its glowing lights I can't help but smile to think how cool it is that we have one in our own city!

I'm so thankful to look back on all God has done this year (and not just cheesecake, although that is a big part of it ;)

I've got another 12 months of proof that He never fails and will provide for you in ways you could never cook up yourself. 

But one of my favorite FAVORITE things about all of 2013 is you.

I would be typing this out for no reason if it weren't for all of you out there to read it. My passion is to help you get the best products, the best deals and put together the best possible outfits so that you can feel (guess what) your best! Just the way God intended you to feel.

So thank you for your continued readership, encouragement and kind words. Truly, you mean so much to me.

2014 is going to be our best year yet, so keep reading and tell your friends!

God has good things in store for those who love Him!

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