Monday, November 18, 2013

Why This Outfit Works

This quickie little photo shoot was honestly just for myself.

I wanted to document this outfit because I liked the way it all worked together. But then as I looked at it more closely I found that it incorporates many a trend, so it's worth writing about.

Most of the time, you don't want to go trend happy and pile on as many as you can. But in this case it turned out find and here's why...

The foundation of this whole thing started with me wanting to wear these J. Crew pants. They are so comfortable and such a fresh take on the classic kaki with the tuxedo stripe down the side.

I added the striped shirt because I love the way it hangs, and the pattern compliments the pants. Then I realized I would probably be cold in the shirt alone, so I knew I needed a jacket.

This military-style jacket came from Forever21. It doesn't work with everything because it's shorter and sticks out some in the back, but it does work with this shirt because the shirt has a little volume to it which compensates for the jacket's shortness. I don't want to come off looking like I'm wearing something that shrunk in the wash.

For the finishing touches I added leopard (of course) by way of my shoes and watch and finally a gold chevron necklace. I could have gone for hoop earrings, but I was in need of some swing and I just love how a longer necklace swings about giving you that threw-this-on-and-it-looks-amazing vibe.

That's five trends incorporated into one outfit without looking like I'm trying too hard or going for extra pins on Pinterest.

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