Thursday, October 10, 2013

This Weeks Nails (And a Tip)

Don't hate me for saying this, but there's something else we need to clean out regularly.

Our nail polishes.

I sat down the other night to paint with one of my favorite purples, and it turns out the polish is dead. You know when it gets to that goopy state that's hard to work with but we press on through because the color looks so good then an hour later when it's still not dry we're crying into our goopy smudged hands?

Yes, that means it's time to throw it away.

When this happened to me the other night and I realized after 20 minutes that even though the color looked good, it wasn't going to be dry and solid any time soon. It was time to remove it.

I just happened to have a small bottle of the same shade of polish (my collection definitely needs a clean out) so I was still able to go with this OPI "Black Cherry Chutney" look after all.

In order to avoid this whole mess and know before hand what polishes are still going to work well, I pick them up and shake them (wish I would have followed my advice the other night!). If I can still here that silver ball rolling around, then I know it's thin enough to work. If I can't hear it, then it's gotten too think and will end up goopy.

So there you go. A great color AND a cleaning tip!

Have a very happy Thursday!

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