Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Re-Boot with These Awesome Boot Options

Boots are to me what chocolate is to the rest of the female population.

That swooning thing other girls do when they talk about chocolate, that's what I do when I talk about boots.

Talk about the perfect marriage of comfortable and cute! These puppies are the greatest. Plus they save you from having to keep up your pedicure, so I'm all in.

short boots

Take a look at my newest Style Setter blog and what great boot options I've found (at different heights/price ranges) and pick which ones you're going to rock this fall.

Quick tip: If you have larger calves, watch where your boots are hitting on your legs. If they're hitting right in the middle of your calf, they tend to be less flattering so balance that out by pairing them with tights (or use it as an excuse to buy a taller pair!).

The first sentence of my newest Style Setter blog is basically true, admittedly weird, but true.

To find out what I've confessed and to get excited about new boots-click here!

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