Thursday, September 12, 2013

This Weeks Nails

Does the word "purnurple" ring any bells?

If you watched Duck Dynasty last night you'll know what I'm talking about :)

After I looked up the word just now to make sure I got it right, I saw that it's not just something Uncle Si likes to say. Apparently it's actually slang for the word "purple."

And with that you can close the book on interesting facts you'll learn today, I'm sure.

However you like to say the word, I like to call it my favorite color. I also like to think of it as the perfect transitional hue.

purple nail polish
I have a bit of a thing for purple pens, too
Last week I did the white nails and while this week I wanted so badly to jump right into fall nail colors, I'm holding myself at bay. Thankfully fall stretches out for a while so I want to slowly savor all my favorite things about it.

This is the perfect "in between" shade. It's from the OPI Dutch collection and named, cutely enough, "Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?"

Yes. Yes I do.

I love OPI, purple, and fall.

You know what I get to do tonight? I get to emcee the Girls Night Out event at West Town Mall! Come see all the fun! There'll be a goodie bag, fashion show, food, giveaways and so much fun to be had! :-D

Party starts at 6!

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