Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Myth: Wear it Forwards

Here's a fashion myth: you have to wear everything you buy the way it was intended to be worn.

Now let me bust that.

One of the trends that's still going strong (and I would wear even if it weren't) is the exposed zipper. It used to be we didn't want our zippers to show, now we go out of our way to highlight them.

This peplum top from The Limited is a great example of what I'm talking about.


Worn the way it's supposed to be worn, it looks nice. Great even!

But it's got an exposed zipper down the back, which got me to thinking...what would this look like if I wore it backwards?

So I turned it around, and I loved it even more. It now puts the "pep" into this peplum by taking away some of the sweetness and adding a little edge.

Now I realize, not everyone has the eye or willingness to turn a top around and wear it backwards, but do keep it in mind next time you look at shirt that has a cool detail in the back.

And I totally recommend trying it backwards at home first, especially if you're unsure about it (or need to change your bra). Try it on, see how it looks, see if it works with other things you're going to wear it with, then venture fearlessly out into the world!

Just think, if it does work you'll get twice the amount of mileage out of that piece because you'll be able to wear it all different ways.

Break out of your box and flip your style on its head sometimes it will feel so good!

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