Friday, September 27, 2013

Leather Up?

All week I've been writing about what I've seen is trending for fall, and what I think about the group of words I just wrote.

To wrap up this first official week of fall, I'd like to talk about leather accents.

Leather will always be around (I once got in an argument about the fact that boots will always be in style this time of year, so don't mess with me about fall clothing if you're not prepared to throw down).

But truly, leather is the timeless symbol of cool. If you like it and you want to wear it because you actually like leather and not because everyone else is wearing it, then here are some ideas on how to pull it off.

I saw this picture in the InStyle magazine and it made me so sad. Sad because when I first started working at an office, I remember going to a fancy store with money to spend and buying a beautiful leather skirt that looked just like this. I don't have that skirt anymore, but LORD I wish I did.

leather skirt
And not just because I saw it in the magazine, but because had I kept it, I would have gotten plenty of wear out of it.

The new leather skirt I'm looking at is more of an A-line style like this one...

I'd style it waaaay differently-

Mixing it with a simple cardigan and tights. The leather adds great dimension to a fall ensemble, even if the whole thing is black.

If you like leather, but you're not sure if you want to do a full on skirt, think about your style and if it could support leather accents. It's always important to consider your style before trying a trend like this, because if you're all ruffles and bows, leather will stand out too much from your normal style aesthetic.

Leather accents are a fun dose of edge and teaspoons of leather like this are perfectly office appropriate.

Remember to first determine what you really think about a trend before you wear it. Love the piece and not the idea of being trendy, and you'll get better use out of the things you buy.

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