Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One of my Top 10 Favorite Posts

Here's one of my all time favorite posts!
I'm all about balance and editing when it comes to outfits, and this will help you get there. Over the years styles may change, but the ability to edit your outfit and create balance on your body will always keep you looking good!

Sometimes all an outfit needs is an editing eye.

 If you've put something together and you feel like it's drab then punch things up with a pop of color. The outfit to the right is sharp looking (notice the statement necklace and how it's paired with the jacket making her look slimmer), and the whole thing is instantly modernized by her bold orange/red shoe.

Another way to edit is to balance between looks. In the picture to the left, the girl has paired ruffles with masculine trousers and a bold shoe because all the other colors are neutrals (white, gray, khaki).

Balancing styles like this works so well because it gives you your own look. Rather than looking all one style, by balancing two looks you get a better mix that ends up being something you've created (plus you don't end up being a giant ruffle or looking like you shopped in the men's section).

Cast an editing eye over your next outfit and make sure to balance, balance, balance!

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