Friday, July 5, 2013

Two Things I Didn't Get to on the Show

My packing process used to be this: reach in the closet, grab everything I wore on a regular basis mix in all my favorite pieces of jewelry, throw it all in a bag and hope to pull out something spectacular when I got to where I was going.

You know what it resulted in? A lot of stressful trips. I never had quite what I needed to feel put together when out of town, and it was because my packing process sucked!

Now I know better. Watch to see what all I do now to make vacation dressing a breeze.

Before I forget, here are two things I didn't get to on the show...
1. Pack your basic (and most worn) tanks. You see on the set, I've got black, white and gray tanks rolled up. It's because they are my most heavily worn under shirts and I realized a long time ago, that whether I think I need them or not-they're going with me. They don't take up that much room, and they always come in handy.

2. When in doubt of what you're going to be doing on your trip, pack basics (see the above point) and then just accessories. A great statement necklace can really amp up a simple black shirt. The same black shirt that can be worn with shorts or black pants...again, it's all about the versatility. Packing great accessories will help you achieve that!

Ok that's all for now, watch on and have a great weekend!

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