Monday, July 8, 2013

Bottoms to Ban on Your Bum

I did not get nearly the amount of time lounging by the pool this weekend as I would have liked (and by not nearly-I mean zero).

So to feel a little better about that, I'm going to talk about swim suits again today.

More specifically, boy shorts.

You would think the more coverage you get, the better off your bum and thighs would be but that's not how it works.

the best bikini bottoms for your figureBecause of the way boy shorts cut your legs, which is generally right where you're at your widest, they actually make your legs look heavier. And it adds a lot of material to a place that you're already wanting as little bulk as possible.

Really, the best way to go for slimmer looking legs are just regular bikini cut bottoms (with strings even).

Boy shorts are better for people who are looking to add curves to their bottom figure.

There, now I have a little bit of a pool fix. Maybe I can put away my heat lamp and "sounds of the pool" cd.

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