Friday, June 7, 2013

Five Things Not to do When Swimsuit Shopping

If given the choice, I'm sure most women would choose getting a shot under their finger nail over swimsuit shopping.

So to continue on with our week of taking the terror out of swimsuit season, here are five things not to do when shopping for a swimsuit.

1. Don't procrastinate!
The longer you wait, the more picked over the selection will be. Do it now. Victoria Secret has started their semi-annual sale (at least online) so start poking around and look at what you might like.

2. Don't buy it before trying it on.
Please, please please try the suit on before buying it. Put it on, move around make sure you don't have any Janet Jackson moments, and above all else look at the suit and how you look in it. If you're buying online, make sure they have a good return policy (and you have time to get another one).

3. Do not stand there and critique your body.
When trying on your swim suit, make sure you're looking at the suit and how it makes you feel. DO NOT stand there and look at what you don't like about your body. The dressing room attendant won't know what to do when they hear screaming/sobbing. Don't make it awkward.

4. Do not think you have to buy the same suit you've always worn.
Try on something you've never tried before. Like a bikini *gasp!* You might be surprised on how good you look in it. Don't limit yourself to a matching suit either. Separates can flatter just as well.

5. Do not go pasty white.
Try to shop after you've applied self tanner. It will automatically make you look slimmer and you'll be happier overall with how you feel.

Swimsuits are fun! Make this your best pool lounging summer yet! And remember Dillards is a great place to start, they have staff that can help you pick out the best swimsuit for you!

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