Thursday, June 6, 2013

1 Thing That'll Make you Look Good in a Swimsuit

We're not in January anymore, Toto.
Swimsuit season has arrived.

Whether you choose to put down the kale chips, or keep on truckin', the time to look good in your bathing suit is now.

So what's the one thing that will help you look good in your swimsuit, whether you feel like you do or not?

bad bikini posture

How you stand and present your body makes ALL the difference in the world.

Not only because it instantly tells onlookers how you feel about yourself in a swimsuit, but also because slumping over bunches your stomach up and causes your boobs to droop. No thank you!

Stand up straight and tall and walk around that pool as if you're on a Victoria Secret shoot. Seriously.

It will make you feel and look longer and leaner because standing up tall flattens out your belly and perks up your girlfriends *ifyaknowwhatimean (the celebrity to the right is doing quite the opposite-see it makes a difference!)

And listen up, I don't care if you cried the whole time you put your bathing suit on because you don't like how you look in it-the moment you walk out that door whether you keep the cover up on your not-you walk like you OWN the runway.

It doesn't matter what anyone else looks like in theirs, you look amazing! Walk like it!!

And if you need a pep talk I'll give you another one!

Now get out there, enjoy that pool, and for the love of all things pink, walk tall in that swimsuit!!

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