Wednesday, June 5, 2013

3 Ways to be Happy With Your Swim Suit

Wait! Before you run screaming from this post, just wait.

Bathing suits don't have to be scary!

No matter your age or shape, you can look good in a bathing suit.

Watch my segment from yesterday below, and the next time you go swim suit shopping remember these three things:
1. Start at Dillards (because I truly believe your quest will end there).
They've got a huge selection, and knowledgeable staff that can help the whole thing be less painful.

2. Shop with an open mind. 
The prints I show are trendy, yes, but they're also classics (like polka dots and leopard) don't be afraid to go with one even though you think it's too "young".

3. Come back tomorrow for more bathing suit goodness!


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