Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cover-Ups and Cream Cheese Frosting

Swimsuits are like cake, and cover ups are like frosting.

Some people like the cake part better, while others find it only gets in the way of getting more frosting. No matter your preference, you have to admit that together they make a delicious combination.

cover upsThis summer, why step out the door in cheap frosting? In other words, don't cover up that gorgeous swim suit and the body inside it, with something that's cheap and too sugary and only going to leave your mouth a disgusting shade of blue (ok, the metaphor took over that sentence a little bit).

Instead, opt for a cover up that's more of the cream cheese quality (yum). This dress is a good example. This dress (which can be found at Forever21) is less than $12 and would make a perfectly acceptable cover up.

You could wear this over a bathing suit and walk straight into the gas station without feeling embarrassed. The better news to that is-you didn't have to spend that much.

cover ups
The cover up to the left only cost me a little over $5 at Target, and you know what, when combined with a great bathing suit it makes me look like Publix cake (if you hadn't yet tried their cake, its delicious) rather than cheapo birthday cake.

If you're not a fan of bathing suits, but are going to an event this summer that requires one, buy a really great cover up and never let them see the cake!

All it takes is a little effort and just as little cash, and you can have yourself a winning combination this summer!

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