Monday, June 17, 2013

7 Ways to Know if You're Correctly Wearing a Bra

Your boobs called, they want you to read The Spiff all week because it's all about bras, Baby!

Every great outfit starts at the foundation, and if your foundation hasn't been updated since 'N Sync cut an album...then it's time for something fresh.

And don't think that just because you bought a bra at the Semi-Annual Sale that you're good to go. Even the best of bras (like that $2 million one in the VS catalogue) have to be worn properly or they can't do their job right.

Here are 5 ways to know if you're correctly wearing a bra...

1. There is no gaping between your boobs and your bra cup
2. There is no boob-age spilling over your bra cup
3. The underwire goes past your breast tissue
4. The band sits around your rib cage and not between your shoulder blades
5. You cannot see your bra lines when wearing a shirt
6. The straps of your bra fit comfortably: not digging in, and not slipping off your shoulder
7. The band of your bra fits just right: not too tight

If  your bra is fitting poorly, adjust your straps, or hook it one more notch in or out. It needs to be tight but not spillage-tight because gravity is gonna come a-knockin' and we want to make sure we're doing everything to keep the door closed :)

(More on straps and hooks later in the week, check back on Thursday!)

Another thing is how you put your bra on. Don't just slap in on any old way. What you should be doing is putting your arms through the straps, then leaning over so that your girlfriends can fall into the cups. This will help how they sit in the bra (which should be with your "headlights" right in the middle of the cup).

Ok, Gals, I don't think I could give you any more good reasons why you should keep tuning in. Gird your loins and crack open the unmentionables drawer, we're going to get you lookin' spiffy!

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