Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why This Works

Can you feel it? It's time.
Time for another installment of Why This Works!

It's the happy little post that answers the burning question of why, exactly, a great outfit works.

This time it's all about an unexpected color combination. That color combo begins with a bold lip.

Fuchsia lipstick was one of the best things to come out of 2012 beauty-wise. To me, it opened up so many doors of possibilities. I have nothing against red, it's just with dark hair and white skin it tends to look too Snow White. Or if the red is too dark-it looks like I should be afraid of daylight.

fuchsia lipsThus, a deep pink on my lips is so fresh and ever so fun. Part of that fun came with breaking out of the black and white box. In the past, a bold lip would come after a black and white ensemble had been assembled (ha! assembled's a word nerd thing...ha! word nerd) and I would realize it needed a pop of color-hence a bold lip.

But not any more. I put on this blue high low top one day and realized a bold pink lip would look so chic.

And here are the three reasons why this works...
1. It takes this lipstick out of the box and into a new (and more colorful) realm of dressing, and makes you look happier (and fun to look at) in the process.

2. Technically speaking, this blue and this pink are at a 90 degree angle from each other on the color wheel, which is why it looks so good. I realize you may not always have a color wheel around (or know the science of what works with what-Lord knows I'm surprised I do), but a good way to know is if the two colors are equal in tone. These are both jewel tone-y so they look good together.

3. The black outline of this shirt does a whole lot to anchor the look and make it so that it reads more edgy and less "garden party."

If you like a bold lip, think about new outfits to wear it with. Start with just one, even. It's so easy, and such a great way to look put together in very little time. Just remember to keep your eye makeup to a minimum as your lips need to be the start of your face.

Thus concludes another edition of Why This Works! Thanks for stopping by!

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