Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Right to Bare (Slimmer!) Arms

Want slimmer arms this Spring?

I'm sure there are some fabulous exercises all over the Internet that will help you get there, but since that doesn't happen over night, here are some ways to dress so that your arms appear slimmer (Oh Oh it's magic, you know!)

1. Wear thin layers and make sure they're not tight. Not only is that uncomfortable for you, but it draws the eye to your upper arm, rather than away from it.

tops for big arms
found at Lane Bryant
2. Wearing ruffles or any kind of embellishment around the neck of your shirt or dress keeps the eye drawn to your neck and away from your upper arms.

3. Avoid, at all costs, the puffy sleeve. They only add bulk to the area you're trying to slim.

4. Draw the eye to the slimmest part of your arm (making everything else look slim in comparison) with sleeves that go all the way to your elbow. Remember the cardigan talk?!

Now that you know now to cover those arms up, think about this. Working out just your arms and getting them toned, would fool the rest of the world who sees them into thinking two things:
A. You should never be messed with.
B. You're awesomely toned every where else as well.

Think about that next time you can't get up the gumption to go to the gym. Working out just your arms would still be beneficial (and chances are, if you start there you'll get excited to work out the whole sha-bang :)
The Spiff aims to arm your arms with the best look possible, you're welcome :)

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