Monday, April 15, 2013

Special Smelly Guest Interview

Joining The Spiff today, is me. I'm going to write an interview with myself telling you why I love Bath and Body lotion so much. Sit back (embrace the wild creativity of it all) and enjoy :)

Before we get started, tell us all how you got to be so awesome.
Jesus and my parents. And the hairdresser that gave me bangs again at age 19, even though I told her not to.

Well, you are awesome and you smell so good. Tell everyone how you get to smelling so good.
Two things: I always put body lotion on in the mornings and over that I layer Banana Republic's Alabaster, which is the greatest perfume I've ever smelled. And I'm extremely picky about perfumes.

Do you stick with a particular scent when it comes to Bath and Body lotion?
I don't. I did at first, but then I found I was getting tired of it, and a friend gave me a different scent to try for Christmas. I've found that those things are so light that even when you combine the same body wash and lotion afterwards you don't smell it as strongly as you think you would.

What's the point in wearing it then?
Well, YOU don't smell it as strongly, but what it does, I feel, is give you this great layered scent. So that when people walk by you they smell your perfume, and then maybe standing close they get the mix of your perfume AND lotion. All of which combines with you and gives you a smell that's hopefully quite lovely.

That does sound lovely. Why else would you recommend doing this?
I love putting it on in the mornings. It makes me feel fresh and pretty. I get a whiff of it every now and then when I'm sitting at my desk at work and it just makes me feel confident and happy. And it's fun to try different lotions. Right now I'm using Cashmere, Paris, and quite often their Vanilla scent which is one I can smell long after I've applied it. Vanilla has a way of sticking with you and smelling good with everything.

Is there any other wisdom you'd like to pass on about this?
Bath and Body has a semi-annual sale (they're owned by the same people as Victoria Secret). So January and June are the best times to stock up. Of course they have little sales throughout the year, but I do all my shopping then and just get loads and load to last me till the next sale.

I'd like to thank my special guest today. She is quite awesome, and smells good all the time. So you should listen to her ;) and come back to load up on more spiff, tomorrow!

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