Friday, April 12, 2013

Sneaky Cute Nails

When I write my book, and I will write a style book one day, there will be a chapter on the power of subtle details.

I read in my husband's gentlemen book one time (PS: I fell in love with the fact that he owned one) that men are to wear cologne so that only the person standing very close can smell it. I believe this is true for women as well.

I believe this is true for a lot of things about your look, actually.

ombre nails, pink ombre nailsI am by nature not a details person at all, but I pay meticulous attention to detail when I put a look together.

From the technique of my eyeliner to the color of my toes, when I'm getting ready for an event I think about it all. I do this fully understanding that I'll probably be the only one to know about the subtle nuances, however it's knowing those things that make me very happy and very confident to be me.

In the event that people do notice these details, they will be wildly impressed that you paid attention to it all.

My nails this week are what got me to thinking about this. I went with the ombre technique, but this time instead of doing two opposite colors, I did a subtle blend of orangy red and coraly pink (more specifically OPI's "A Roll in the Hague" and "Don't Know...Beets Me".)

I was inspired by a dress I bought last summer that blends orange and pink in a way I never would thought would work so well.

You can only see the blending of the two colors on my nails in certain lights, but I think that makes it mysterious and fun like a mood ring.

From far away it looks like I just went with a bright red, but up close is where all the subtle detailing comes in and you see they're more cuteness than you thought.

Maybe you don't want to do the ombre thing on your nails, but think about adding a detail to your next ensemble that maybe only you, or those close to you can see.

I promise it will put a sneaky smile on your face and a mysteriously confident spring in your step!

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