Monday, March 25, 2013

Life When You're in Charge

There are many "awakenings" that happen once you've made the decision to live on your own.

For example, you are suddenly in charge of...everything. Meals, cleaning, clothes...and that's just an overview.

There was that one weird moment I once had with myself when I came to the sudden realization that I was the one in charge of making sure we had eggs. I was going through the self checkout routine, thinking how I'm so glad I remembered that we needed eggs, when suddenly it weirdly washed over me that I was the one in charge of making sure we had eggs.

No one else is going to stomp in my house and tell me what I needed to get, I'm the one responsible for knowing and getting it time to avoid an eggless existence.

You may be reading that and think I'm weird, but if you can yell across the house right now and ask if there are eggs and someone responds affirmatively, count your blessings and stay under their roof for as long as you possibly can.

Another awakening you've had or will have is not that you have to hide things from someone, now that you live on your own you have to learn to forgive yourself.

Before, when I painted my nails and got something on the carpet at my parent's house-the thought was, how quickly can I hide this from mom?

Now, and more specifically, several months ago when I dropped a whole bottle of polish that shattered and splattered all over my carpet and wall-the thought was how quickly can I forgive myself? Did I mention it was dark polish? My favorite, dark purple polish? Yeah.

For weeks I worked on getting those stains out, everyday scowling and having to forgive myself anew every time a cleaner wouldn't work.

Finally, my husband suggested I try Goo-Gone. So I got a bottle and on a day when the cleaning mood had hit hard, I took it to the carpet and scrubbed.

And what do you know, my carpet came out clean! No more ugly stain reminding me of how I stupidly dropped my favorite polish! Yay!

I could finally move on with myself and mend the relationship with me. It truly was amazing how it lifted the stain right out. And if you didn't notice I did say a good amount of time had passed, so this is dried dark nail polish on light carpet (see picture) that came completely out with some Goo-Gone (then some Woolight to finish it off).

Now I can peacefully go back to keeping stock of our eggs, and the wash, and the meal planning, and the cleaning and the organizing...

Tune in to FOX tomorrow for The Spiff live! I'll be talking about ways to shake the winter blues off your skin-all for under $10!

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