Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Glow On, Be Happy

Today on the show I talked about ways to appear as if you've shaken off the winter blues.

It's a con job right now because the high barely cracked the 40's yesterday, and every time I looked out my window it was snowing (I know it's awesome, right!? I LOVE it. If you don't, we'll accept your flaws and move on ;)

I talked about how great it is to exfoliate your face, but I what I didn't touch on is taking it further than your mug. It's a great idea to exfoliate your neck and decollete as well as your arms, legs and stomach. Pretty much any where you can reach is a great place to exfoliate (except sensitive places that rhyme with schnipples because it stings really badly for a long time if you do...at least...that's what they tell me).

Think of exfoliation as shedding a layer of gross dead skin. I remember seeing a snake molt for the first time-gross, even now I'm disgusted at the thought, but it's that disgust that drives me to slough off my own dead skin and keep the glow going.

It's so rejuvinating to your skin to exfoliate, especially if you choose one that has an oil in it to replenish any moisture lost.

One that I've been using for years (I'm actually getting close to being done and I'm starting to get sad) is by Arbonne. My mom gave this to me for Christmas years ago after I raved about using hers, and it's sat in my shower ever since then only to be used on special occasions (when I wanted dewy, happy skin, I guess).

A couple months ago I saw it and thought "forget special occasions, I'm using it because I want dewy happy skin NOW!"

I've now gotten to the point where I have to stop myself from using too much (oops). The point is, I noticed a difference and couldn't believe I hadn't been exfoliateing all along.

Don't be that person. Don't be like past me was and save it for special nights out. Do your skin a favor and exfoliate about once or twice a week.

Your skin will repay you quite nicely with some hard core smoothness and dewyness and overall happiness. Which will then radiate onto your face causing everyone to think spring has arrived because you're so happy and I will look you in the eye and say, "My job here is done!"

Boots makes a great body scrub (under $10). Bath and Body makes a delicious one (only a little over $10). So see! Your options are wide-don't let dead skin follow you around any longer!

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