Monday, December 3, 2012

Screaming "Comfort and Joy!"

Comfort and joy are impossible in a bad pair of shoes.
As an event planner, one major thing I've learned is to go with the old faithful pair of heels rather than the sparkly new ones for parties where you're going to be running around.

This way, when you speak to the sound guy or the caterer your tone doesn't reflect that of your screaming toes.

Even if you're just a party attendee, make sure that you first determine the party logistics-will you be sitting down a lot? Do you plan on working the room? Will the lighting be low or high? If it's low, then your shoes won't be noticed, therefore defeating the painful but gorgeous purpose.

If it's high and your visibility is equally high then parade around the cutest pair you've got, but consider throwing in your bag those fast flats that I've seen everywhere from Target to Food City for the end of the night when it's clean up time.

Keep in mind, when you look back on the season what you want to be remembered about you most, is not necessarily that you looked good, but  more that you gave the gift of love and joy :)

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