Friday, December 21, 2012

I'll Have a Bleu Cheese Christmas!

Four more days till Christmas!!!
And it's cold outside!!! Yay!!!!!

My goal all December leading up to Christmas was to give sparkle tips, gift tips and little ways to keep the scale in good standing with you. And seeing as how it's more fun to talk sparkles and gifts I kinda waned on the whole "thou shalt not eat sugary treats" posts.

But now that holiday parties are probably done and I've poured out all my gift giving knowledge, time to rip off the band aid that is portion control.

Don't get me wrong (and don't click away!) you will never hear me say "don't eat anything good". Seeing as how I'm typing this with semi sticky fingers from the chocolate iced doughnut I just polished off, that would be uber hypocritical. I mean, uber.

I've found that the trick is (and this is true all year, not just now) budgeting your calories really makes a difference. 

So, for example, if you know you're going to Grandma's house where she serves up tons of treats before and after dinner then budget for those calories you're going to spend on her chocolate butter peanut lard bars (yum?). And by "budget" I mean eat a low-cal breakfast and lunch. Don't skip either of those, just go healthy for both meals so you can go crazy at dinner.

And of course, if you have a parade of meals throughout the day and you can't budget that well, then just don't place your body in front of whatever you're the weakest with. The cheese and bread table, for me, would be the most dangerous place as I would eventually land face down in a cheesy, buttery-bread induced coma.

And finally, don't beat yourself up for over indulging. It's a good time of year to get it all out of your system. But that feeling you have after you've eaten too much figgy pudding? Yeah, remember that when you're not wanting to work out. I've always found that to be a great inspiration for the tread mill :)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good meal!

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