Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ten Fingers Sparkling

One of my favorite things about this season is wishing people a, "Merry Christmas!" There's no cheerier greeting to give in my book, and it always puts a smile on someones face!

This week, I said Merry Christmas in more than one way-ten ways to be exact, with my nails!

It was also my maiden voyage with Essie nail polish. I've been reading about and seeing this polish for so long I can't believe I've waited so long to try it! It was a gift from a good friend of mine that sent me over the edge and sparked my Christmas nails!! :)

Essie "Leading Lady" is what you see here on all 8 fingers and it's OPI's "Leaf Him at the Alter" on my accent nails.

Oh what fun it is to have Christmas on your nails!

Now, if I can only decide what to do for the main event!

Ha, and I just realized that 90% of this post ends in an "!" so it must be that I'm really excited about Christmas (wait for it) !

Try saying "Merry Christmas" to every store clerk and friend you pass and watch as their face lights up and they look as if you've woken them out of a coma. It's such a good thing to remind people of what time of year it is, and to pass on the hope that it will be a merry one!

Then say it with your nails! (Not in their face or anything violent, maybe just subtly give them a backwards wave ;)

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!!

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  1. Ho! Ho! Ho! You got me excited about doing my nails! Merry Christmas to you! ...and may I be the first to say, and a Spiffy New Year! Love your posts!