Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gold Glimmer and Glam

You're going to have to trust me on this.

For this weeks nails I don't have a picture of how cool they turned out. I had a moment like my dog does when he realizes I'm about to see the mess he's made on the floor...."Oooh crap." But instead of looking at a mess on the floor I was holding a cotton ball and nail polish remover.


I do however, have instructions and all the wording I can give you to make up for it *big grin*.

If you got a chance to watch this weeks segment (if you didn't, watch below!) you heard me say that now that the holidays have hit I'm busting out the party nails!!!

Every week it's a new experiement in how I can make my nails look super fun and festive.

The week of Thanksgiving I tried out this new color combo with the ombre technique, and I must say...coolest color combo with that technique yet! (If ONLY I would have taken a picture!!!)

What I did was I started with a solid blacky black. Like this is-reach into the midnight sky and grab a handful of blackity-black.

Then after several layers of that (to where it's solid), I took Maybeline's Color Show in metalic gold (which, oh man, I just love love!) and dabbed it on with a sponge on the ends. After I achieved the faded look well enough, I always dab some more straight up gold on the ends to make start strong as black, start fading into gold, and have the tips as solid gold.

I hope that you can picture this. I really wish I would have taken a picture...*Sorry puppy face*

I am excited to do this same technique with another colore besides black, because this gold polish is really a great way to add some glimmer and glam.

Merry Merry Christmas to you!

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