Friday, December 7, 2012

Eyes, Cheeks, Arms, Legs, Hair All Aglow

It's Friday, AND it's Christmas time...could it BE more exciting!?

Let's make sure it's more than our eyes that are "all aglow" this time of year, shall we...

On Tuesday I talked about a shimmer powder (that we had to "imagine" because I left it on my dresser). Here is that illusive powder (it's by Revlon), and here's why you should own some...

Dust it on the apples of your cheeks and it contours your face and adds warmth to your smile.

Use it as a highlighter under your eyebrows and it will give the perfect little reflection and finishing touch to your face in photographs.

Dust some in your lotion and rub on your legs, but go further than that. If you're wearing a dress that shows your neckline, rub it on your collar bone to give a perfect sexy little glow to your skin.

If you're exercising your right to bare arms at your next holiday party, rub that same shimmer infused lotion down the front of your arms so as to make them appear slimmer (it will draw the eye to just the right areas *wink)

Heck, dust some in your mousse and scrunch it into your hair for a faint glimmer every time it hits the light. 

Now, unless you plan on rigging a hook to the back of your shirt and hanging off a Christmas tree from now until the 25th-do NOT do all of this at one time. 

Leave out the hair thing if you're going to dust it on your skin. And go lightly on your face if you're going to do it on your decolletage and arms.
If (and only if) the shimmer (like the one shown) is super fine and almost undetectable then (and only then) would I sign off on doing it everywhere (and only because it's the holidays).

What you want to do is look glowy without people being able to pin point why (so if you get, "are you pregnant?" at least three times-you've done your job ;)

Merry Christmas!

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