Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gussied Up Christmas Nails

For the next four weeks, I want you to throw out any nail agenda you already had. Take all your boring neutral polishes and throw them out the proverbial window (not the literal one).

It's CHRISTMAS TIME, Baby! Time to bust out the sparkles!!!!

This weeks nails went quickly from "ooh I have a good idea that's complicated and will probably end up frustrating me" to "Christmas Nails!!!".

I wanted something simple but merry and bright :) So I went with this gorgeous red. I'm not at all a red person, I own one red thing in my closet. One. I don't know why, I just don't gravitate towards it. I don't hate it when I have it but I never think to buy it.

This red color on my nails, however, is one that I've looked at throughout the past several days and thought, "I'm really diggin this!" It's a bright red with red tiny sparkles inside.

It's from the OPI James Bond collection and it's called, "The Spy Who Loved Me".

What I started out doing was this color and I was going to add a chevron accent nail. But I painted over my right ring finger, and seeing as how I'm a lefty there when all the prime accenting space.

I kept open my left ring finger open (for about a day too, it looked weird) and in the middle of trying to physic myself up to draw on it, I thought-GREEN! I can do one green accent nail and ring in the start of the Christmas holidays right here on my hand! (I thought it in an English accent too, it was truly festive thinking ;)

That green is by another brand entirely. It's China Glaze and the color is, "Gussied Up Green".

So there you have it, the start of what will be a truly awesome season made evident by my holiday nails. I plan to take full advantage of this time of year and do something uber festive on all ten fingers every week this month!

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

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