Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Last Hurrah

There are only a few notes of summer left to be played.
Instead of allowing myself to get anxious about fall or annoyed that it was 90 degrees yesterday (!) I'm thinking back to everything I loved to wear this summer and squeezing it in for one last hurrah.

My closet is divided into two halves-summer and fall.
There are some pieces from the summer side of my closet that I will have to let go of when the temps start to drop (but will continue to rock this time of year).
Here's how I figure out which pieces to take on a farewell tour...

1. Is it a summer color and/or pattern?
Neon's are a good example of something that's perfect for this time of year. I loved being ultra bright this summer and will continue pairing them with dark pants until the temps turn cool.
2. Is it linen?
That's the ultimate summer material and really needs to go out with the season.
3. Can it double as a cover up?
Anything that falls into this category needs to be left on the summer side.

Scim through your closet and see what fits this criteria. It will help you figure out what to wear during the awkward transition weeks, AND it will open your mind up as far as what can double dip into both seasons. I've already thought of several great outfits I can squeeze out by mashing my summer and fall wardrobes!

Check back in tomorrow for this weeks nails, and then come back Friday for how to figure out which pieces from the summer side can make the leap to fall!

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