Monday, August 27, 2012

Final Summer Fling

This is your permission slip.

It's your permission slip to cram all of the summer favorites in this week that you can, because time is running out.

I'm writing this because every year at this exact time, I'm holding my fall-loving self at bay and trying to squeeze in all the things I loved about summer fashion. Of course it's still hot outside, so that's what is called for, but it's like such a surge of "Oh crap summer's almost over" that I get dressers block (much akin to writers block).

Break out your favorite maxi dresses, strap on your favorites skirts, and keep dancing around in your most treasured gladiator sandals because it's all about to get too cool outside for all of it.

Labor day is the unofficial end of summer (but keep on rocking white because that rule went out with crushed velvet dresses) so the arrival of boot weather is closer than we think. And believe you me, the moment it dips below 70 degrees in the day time-I'm throwing some boots on :)

Just try to be patient and rock all that you loved about summer while you still can. I know I'm not the only one that struggles with this.

Don't get overwhelmed or feel guilty if you miss something, but go through your closet look at what you're going to miss wearing and wear it. Or something else I like to do is go through and see what you haven't worn yet and try to work it in. Even if it's a top you've neglected for two summers, wear it out and see what you think. A new relationship may blossom, you never know.

Think of all your summer clothes as the boy you met at camp, and you only have two more days to bask in your summer fling.

Now, go out and set your DVR because we're talking ways to keep your hair looking ultra spiffy tomorrow on FOX 43.

And finally, have a spiffy Monday!!

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