Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guilt Free Nails

This whole nail art thing can get to be a little intimidating. Or, as I've said in the past, a little guilt inducing.

On days when I just want to paint a color, there are times when I think, "But I could add so much more to that!"

It's cool and all, but sometimes a simple neon green is all a girl wants :)

This week, I tried a nail art-ish design on my nails that I had been thinking about for months. When I finally decided to do it, it was like one of those moments when you realize you could make a fantastic dinner just with that you have in your pantry already. Everything I needed for this weeks nails I already had.

It's a monochromatic rainbow.
The point is to start with a light color and work up to your pinky with a dark one (or visa-verse). Knowing my undying affection for purple, I new that finding five purple shades wouldn't be a problem (that and my nail polish collection is well into the double digits so there were plenty of options).

I think it could look so SO cool, but I made one crucial mistake that I'm here to steer you away from...
What I first did was line up all the bottles in the order I thought they went from dark to light. This was where the mistake was because as we all know you can't judge a polish by it's color in the bottle.

What I should have done is paint a dot of each color to better figure out where they would fall in line on my fingers. This is definitely what I'll do next time. After painting, I realized I should have switched one or two colors around.

Never the less. I really like the look and will try it with other shades (maybe even buying up some cheap polishes to fill in the gaps).

You can try it to, guilt free! Because it's basically nail art :)

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  1. Can you give some tips on having PRETTY TOES even all year around ?????

    thanks !