Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gold Exchange

There's been a lot of talk about gold lately.

I can't get through my favorite morning TV show (which happens to be on Fox and featured The Spiff yesterday, which if you missed it you can see it here! Shameless plug? Don't mind if I do) without seeing a gold exchange commercial.

If you've been able to purchase a new house from the gold you found between your couch cushions then bully for you. The eye shadow I'm about to tell you about wouldn't buy you squat.

It will, however, make your eyes look super sexy.

Right now I am loving just a thin layer of gold shadow to compliment my regular black liner for a really great day look.  It adds just enough glow to your face and is the perfect day to night shimmer look.
Plus if you're eyes are already flecked with gold, it gives you that perfect kaleidoscope look.

Any of these pictured can be found at Sephora. They're all by Make Up For Ever and provide the greatest glow (I've used them on both my eyes and my cheeks for a nice shimmer!)

Don't doubt it till you try it. A thin layer on your lid and a line from the bottom of your lashes all the way to the corner of your eye, and you have yourself an easy, breezy, sexy eye.

Forget smokey. This look is down right smoldering.

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