Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Suit of Confidence!

For the past two days I've written about finding a really great swim suit-on sale, no less. But no matter what suit you wear, whether new or old, the following is all you need to look good by the pool for the next month or so...

It's important to love what you're wearing. If you put yourself in a suit that's not comfortable or what you're not used to wearing then it will show through more than your skin!

The absolute best thing you can strut around with while wearing swim-wear is confidence. And why not? You're out there, you've got major skin showing, why not hold your head up high and show the world what God gave you.

Watching "What Not To Wear" recently, I was reminded how thankful I am that we have a higher source in which to place our confidence. There was a beautiful woman on there that didn't think she was beautiful at all, and what they offered her was great-compliments and advice, but I'm thankful for what I know. That God created me in the most loving way possible, and rejoices over my every feature, as He does yours.

He gets so excited over us loving what He gave us, so this summer when you're standing in front of the mirror scheduling liposuction in your mind, remember that He loves what He sees and so should you-so walk like it, sister!

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