Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Swim Less Cash

The little sun tan lotion baby may have gotten away with not adjusting her bottoms back into place, but you, my dear, will certainly not.

That's why it's so important to find a suit that fits to a T.

Why, you ask, are you talking about swim suits when summer is more than half way over?
Because now is the time to buy for that very reason!

Retailers know you're going to be all about the swim suits in April and May, but by now the pool party invites are out or over and you're about to be thinking boots!

Finish off the season well (and have something to keep you accountable throughout the cold winter/lots of food months) with a well crafted/fitting suit.

My favorite place to go for such a thing is Victoria Secret. Now, I'm sure there are other great places out there, but I discovered their greatness almost 6 years ago and I've yet to look back or have a wondering eye so this is all I know. They've kept me pretty happy.

What's so great about them is you shop for tops by your bra size not S, M or L. That makes all the difference in the world. Plus, their bathing suits come with lots of support for the "girlfriends" so if you buy right you know you're not going to be tugging and pulling your way through the pool.

To the left is a great example of one that's now half price. And what's so nice is that the top provides great support (even if you're an active swimmer) and the bottoms are super flattering to your hips with the little ties on the side that make you look slimmer.

I hardly ever buy full price from them because I know by this time, most every suit I could ever want is going to be on some kind of sale. And always make sure you've looked up every promo code they're offering because when I bought mine a couple weeks ago I saved an extra 20% and got free shipping with a little research.

Don't think it's too late to buy, now is the time to look ultra summer glam!

Come back tomorrow for the most important thing you can have by the pool this summer-that will always keep you looking good!

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