Friday, July 20, 2012

Boutique Critique!

It’s time, my friends. Time for a new store to be reviewed!

This time we’re diving into West Town Mall where recently (and not surprisingly) Guess closed its doors for good.

I never saw very many people in there when it was open and had a feeling they wouldn’t stick around much longer. I got dress pants 90% off there one time so I had my one good memory and was happy to leave with that.

Now there is a store that looks like it might be able to hold its own if it makes a few key changes…

“Selah” is the new clothing store and it’s exactly what was needed when I first saw the place because I didn’t know anything had moved in so it was a bold burst of colors that I saw walking in.

They’ve got a really great selection of dresses and for reasonable prices. That’s always what I’m most hesitant/excited to see when a store first opens…what am I going to find on that first price tag?
With this place I was pleasantly surprised. Most dresses were going for around $29-$39.

One table held some basic tanks (the price of which is another good indication of what a store thinks of itself…is it going to be snobby or affordable?) and they were marked as being only $5.99. Not bad.

What really truly caught my eye was the jewelry counter. If you were to see this counter first thing, you’d probably think you’d wandered into an enchanted mall where giants live and are trying to keep some guy named Frodo from finding that ring. Never fear, you have not.

Friends, I kid you not, one pair of earrings were so large, what dangles from your ear was about the size of my entire hand-fingers to palm. And that wasn’t the only pair like that. They had a pair of hoops with a sparkly ball in the middle whose previous credits include the giant jaw breakers in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The unfortunate thing about the accessories section (besides making you question your size) is that nothing was priced. I almost bought a pair of earrings but I didn’t know how much they were and I didn’t want to ask any of the staff which leads me to the next little thing…

When you’re a brand new store with a spot in a very high traffic area of the mall, one thing you can offer your customers that’s free to you and warming to them (especially when you’re new!!) is good ole’ fashioned customer service. Say hi, be excited about the store being open, get them excited about the store being open. Tell them that everything in the store is 20% off…things like that would have gone a long way with me walking in as a new customer.
They offered no such thing.

So other than the lack of pricing and the customer service, it’s a place I’ll visit for maybe a good deal on a dress or some colorful pants (I found one pair of bright blue skinnies for only $24!) or maybe just use it as a place to take a Selah :)

Have a happy weekend!

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