Thursday, July 19, 2012

Decrease the Crease

I guarantee you there's never been uttered a sentence that includes the words "awesome" and "wrinkle".

Wrinkles are one of the long list of reasons we shake our fist and mumble "Why Eve, WHY?!".

Well, this post will help alleviate some of the pressure off of her.

The worst kind of clothing wrinkles are the ones that keep you from wearing what you've got your mind set on, and what makes it worse is when you discover it with little time to spare before having to walk out the door.

Well, you stare that wrinkle in the face and tell it what's up because I'm about to pass along to you a tip I picked up for getting rid of wrinkles last minute...actually it's so last minute you're supposed to do this in the car on the way to whatever glamorous place you're going.

Here's what you do...
Take a wash cloth and get it wet with steaming hot water. Wring it out really REALLY good, then place it under the article of clothing that's wrinkled. Obviously you want to wring it out as best you can because a wet stain falls in the "worse" category when it's being compared to wrinkles so keep that in mind and get all that excess water out.

Do this in the car (after all you're just sitting there, but if you are driving make sure it's not going to burn your skin), and what will happen is the steam from the wash cloth with help decrease your creases!

Simple, right?

It's so great, in fact, I'm going to defy what I said couldn't be done earlier...
What an awesome last minute way to get rid of wrinkles!
See, we're helping you look good and accomplishing the impossible all in one post.

How amazing :)

Ok now consider this part of the post the "bonus footage" from today's segment on the FOX morning show...

Two more tinted moisturizers I didn't get to mention but I do try are MAC and Stila at Sephora. Both are in the $30 range and do a great job. Plus, like most expensive products, a little does go a long way. MAC's version lasted me a full 6 months for sure.

Also one thing I forgot to mention about Garnier's BB Cream is it only comes in two shades. I know, that sounds crazy BUT it alleviates that time spent in the store trying to figure out what color you are! Love that-give me two options and I'm good to go :)

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