Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spiff To Go!

...Still working on a title for this feature...

Time for another Spiff travel tip!

During my first summer excursion this year, I realized the importance of sun screen.  Really, sunscreen is important everyday but especially when you're out of town. Aloe in a hotel is hard to come by and/or SUPER expensive so you don't want to take the chance of frying yourself.

And it doesn't matter what kind of weather you're in either.

Walking around the San Diego Zoo last month, in 60 degree weather I certainly didn't think that the sun would have much of an effect on my skin. But sure enough I got a burn from the tip of my 3/4 shirt sleeve all the way down to my watch...random and not so attractive.

Thankfully all the clothes I brought on the trip fell in the same range on my arm so it wasn't noticeable, but it certainly made me realize how important sun screen is on a trip!

I put it on my face every single day (sometimes twice!) to protect my skin, why not do it every else? In fact, if I forget sun screen next trip, I'll probably just lather this Oil of Olay all over anything that's showing (love this stuff by the way! You can get two at Sam's for cheap!!)

Make room in your suit case for sun screen and you won't be sporting the weirdo burn the rest of your trip (or worst-stuck in a hotel room all red with pain!)

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