Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Under the Big Top-Ha! That's Appropriate...

It was a boobie circus this past weekend.

Going to an outdoor event when it’s going to be 94 degrees is nothing but a parade of really bad bra-age.

Before I go on, let me just say that I totally empathize.
Summer time imposes impossible standards on a bra-it’s got to have good support, good coverage all the while being completely invisible. Sometimes, I understand, all three are hard to achieve. But for the love of God people, at least TRY.

Don’t do what I saw one woman do and leave it up to gravity and a paper thin tank (especially if you’re like her and in need of serious support *ifyaknowwhatimean).

And please PLEASE for all of society DON’T leave it up to the little white dress that’s got the tiny boob protector triangles (that are also white). Especially when you’re bigger and tanner then the triangles (yeah, let’s just say they shift around so all you see is two really crazy shapes). Take those things out, turn them into ash and throw them away. Don’t ever rely on the “built in bra”.

DO buy youself this…a Bandeau bra. It’s got two out of the three requirements: good coverage and kind of invisible. At least it doesn’t look like a bra when it shows so you’re good. Get it in multiple colors and you’re set with anything strapless.

I just love these things because it adds a little tiny peek of color if it shows or a smooth transition into Boobs-ville if it doesn’t.

Don’t be an act in the crazy boob circus this summer. Buy those things a better home.

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