Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two Feet Away from Relaxation

A couple weeks ago I promised a new summer feature to The Spiff-a travel tip added to our weekly montage of spiffy greatness.

Here is one of those tips:

Pack one small thing that will make your hotel stay comfortable. For me, it's my slippers.
My husband actually had this brilliant idea. He doesn't like the feel of carpet so he wears (what he refers to as, "house shoes" all the time). He had me pack them for him one trip, and it was that same trip that I ended up borrowing them non stop. Now, I never leave home without my own, pink, house shoes.

It's the greatest touch of home especially when you're getting out of the shower or have come from sight seeing in not to sight-seeing-friendly shoes. Walking into the hotel and slipping into your own two comfort caves just makes it truly a vacation (even if it's not!).

Slippers don't take up much room, but if you're suitcase real estate is super slim then maybe unpack that second pair of flip flops and throw them in. Or maybe your Smurf head slippers are too big-if so, buy a smaller slimmer (but still very cozy) pair that you can just keep in your suitcase (my other slippers, the ones in the shape of batman's head, for example, are not "travel size")

I'm combating your every excuse because it's just the greatest thing in the world to walk around in something only your feet have been in as opposed to the hotel floor where....well, lets just say many have tramped.

Small comforts like this make the trip away from home more easier and slipping into relaxation mode two FEET away :)

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