Monday, February 10, 2014

Why This Works

The inspiration for this outfit was the pink sweater, but when I bought it I did something I've probably only done three times in my life.

I bought it without trying it on.

I'm such a stickler for trying things on before buying them because you never know how something is going to fit. If we lived in a perfect world, all women's sizes would be the same across the board, but unfortunately Eve screwed that up for us all ;)

The reason I threw caution to the wind for this one, is because (one) I was in a hurry, (two) with a piece like this at a cost like this, I knew if the fit wasn't right for it to wear alone I could still work it in over shirt/under jackets.

Or in this case...both.

It did turn out to be shorter than I like, but that's ok. That means it's the perfect set up for letting another shirt, like this striped button up, peak out. 

In the spring I will probably wear the two alone, but I thought adding a blazer and jeans gives it that cool chic look. Speaking of cool, I love adding a swingy necklace to the whole ensemble. 

It's better than earrings because earrings would just be to much fuss with the blazer and shirt collar already taking up room around my neck. But a swingy necklace fills in the blank space, and gives it a more girly vibe. Plus it's a little unexpected and a bit more rock and roll, which is the perfect balance since the whole thing is a little preppy.

Finallly, I was orginially thinking going with black pumps, but let me just say if you ever find patterned pumps that you like and have mulitple colors in them. Buy them. Buy them up.

I went with my multi-colored cheeta pumps because they go with and add a hint of playfullness. I promise you, if you're wanting to break out of your pattern box or be a little more wild this year, this is the way to do it. These have become my new black pumps.

That's another addition of Why This Works! Have a happy Monday!

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