Thursday, January 23, 2014

This Weeks Nails

The first time I ever wore black nail polish, I did so because I was playing a demon in a church play.

I remember feeling so scandalous as I stood looking at my nails in guest services at Target (where I worked at the time). It was a thrill (I was a really good kid, so other things I considered thrilling were, and not limited to, the following: returning library books at midnight of their due date, wearing white the morning after Labor Day but not in the afternoon, and Brussels sprouts).

Fast forward 12 years and admittedly the thrill is gone, but it's been replaced with effortless cool. Black nail polish has certainly come a long way and not just in my world.

It really hit the scene hard several years ago when the fashion world started wearing it, making it way less goth a lot more fashionable.

I feel like a simple coat of shiny black polish is akin to donning some shiny black patent leather pumps. Classic. Cool. Goes with everything.

It's still a bit edgy, sure, but it's not so edgy that people are going to look at you like you sacrifice squirrels in your back yard. If you are one to often wear bow rings or mounds of pink, I would suggest a little black polish to balance the whole picture out.

This version is from Maybelline's Color Show line. And just an FYI, I painted my nails last Saturday night and today they still look this good. For three bucks, that's not a bad deal. Try it! All the cool kids are ;)

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